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(pronounced. as Epoh C J)

EPOHCJ was founded by Chimezie Epoh a couple of years back, but was officially launched last year on June 2006. After going online and publishing some contents, we thought about what more we can do, then the idea of having a separate section that deals on Nigerian Entertainment (one that would fully represent Nigeria) came to mind and we commenced work on it immediately. The site was initially nigeria.epohcj.com (sub-domain of epohcj.com) which made it seem like a lower-section of the main epohcj.com site. To give EPOHCJ Nigeria the same equality with epohcj.com, we had to get a another domain; leading to the concept of having a Nigerian Top Level Domain (TLD .ng). I must tell una e no easy to get one oh. After months of trying to make everything work out well with the .ng, we almost lost hope but one day our request was finally granted. We now have epohcj.com.ng which fully represents Nigeria in all aspects, from the domain name, to our national colours (Green - White - Green), Everything in epohcj.com.ng is Nigerian - Repping Naija to the Fullest!, Love who you are and be Proud of it.

Our Mission:

In this Information age where online presence is very crucial to the promotion and development of virtually anything and since most of our artists do not even have a website to showcase their music and talent, ( the ones that do have either don't update it often or in some cases leave their domain name to expire leaving their fans no where to go to get the latest information on their favorite artist ) this is where we come in (epohcj). We are here to promote Nigerian Entertainment, covering the whole aspect without any boundaries. epohcj is creating a one-stop spot for all your Nigerian Entertainment needs.

All the contents on this site are copyright of their respective owners. We are not here to rip them off, this site is strictly for awareness and promotional purposes. We DO NOT allow downloading of songs on this site. If you like the song and you want to buy it, you fit check am for market and if you no get market, then you fit search online for sites that sell naija songs.

We currently have our forum section running, you can go and sign up to start discussing  issues about Nigeria


Promotion: We currently offer a medium where Artiste, Record Label and Producer can showcase and promote their products and services.
Marketing: Our online store also gives the artiste opportunity to reach to a wide audience of fans by selling the digital downloads of their songs online.

And to our users, we offer them one-stop spot for all their Nigerian Entertainment needs which includes a place to listen to the full-length songs and watch the music videos of  Nigerian artistes, a place to buy their favorite naija song(s) and a discussion forum to discuss real Nigerian issues.

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